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My name is Helen, and I practice energy healing work and intuitive life consultancy in Teignmouth, Devon, and online, both in the UK and internationally. For 30 years, I have worked as an energy therapist, and life guide, supporting individuals from all backgrounds on their own journey to health and greater overall wellness. My service is also available to groups via workshops . This is your dedicated space to look inward, be curious, and rediscover your own innate energy, with me supporting you every step of the way.

All of my work is about helping you return to health and happiness in all aspects of your life.

If you would like to know more about my energy therapy and intuitive life consultancy in Teignmouth, Devon, and online, or to book an initial consultation, please feel free to get in touch.

Energy Healing

We all hold certain physical and emotional pains in the body, tensions both large and small that influence how we feel on a daily basis, and our energy work together will be about letting them go. Doing this involves recognising your body as a component of energy, understanding what we are keeping inside and knowing where these tensions lie, ahead of releasing them, leaving you feeling lighter and happier.

How Energy Healing Can Help You

  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Help with stress, anxiety and depression
  • Relief from acute (injuries) and chronic problems (asthma, migraines, etc)
  • Clear energy blockages
  • Cleansing the body of toxins
  • Supports the immune system
  • Increase vitality
  • Greater emotional wellness
  • Balance the chakras and aura system

For more information on my energy therapy in Teignmouth, Devon, and online, head over to my Energy Healing page.

Intuitive Life Consultancy

I also offer intuitive life guidance consultancy through tarot and oraclecard readings, during which we work together to understand what’s going on in your life and what you wish to explore. We will look at your life in a deeper, more holistic way, and learn how to interact with your own internal process as a way of facilitating both healing and growth. Sessions are very much adapted to you and your preferences, whatever they may be.

Curious to know a bit more about how intuitive life guidance can help you? If so, see my Intuitive Life Guidance page.

Initial Consultation

I understand that you might be unsure about how to get started with energy healing and/or intuitive life consultancy. Doing anything new can be a little daunting but I make the process as simple as possible. You can always call me up for a free, no-obligation 15-minute chat over the phone before deciding to dive in. Our first session is all about understanding why you are here, spending 20 minutes chatting about your physical and emotional condition. This is also your chance to ask any questions you might have.

With energy healing once we have a clearer understanding of your situation, I will then – if we are working in person – invite you to lie down and gently hold your feet, as this enables us to sync up energy fields, and work through your body, going up through the chakras, starting at the root and ending at your crown (head) chakra, and pinpoint where you are holding pain or blockages, connecting with this energy and gradually getting a sense of what you need in particular. After this session, you will feel nicely grounded and rested, and we will be able to formulate a therapeutic roadmap going forward that makes sense to you.

If the session is for tarot and oracle card consultancy after our initial chat we will move into the readings. You are welcome to record the session, but I don't record for you.

Along with supporting individuals in their journey towards health I also offer group workshops. The workshops have different subjects but always revolve around people and their health, working together to understand how we can move towards health in all aspects of our lives. I also offer a two-year professional training course for those who wish to become practitioners and help others.

Pricing & Session Length

Sessions generally last 60 minutes, apart from the initial consultation, which takes a little longer. Pricing varies depending on the precise nature and location of the treatment, which varies for everyone.

Please get in touch with me directly to learn more about costs.

My Location

I work in person in Teignmouth in Devon . I also work online with clients from all over the UK and the world. I have found that Intuitive Life Consultancy in particular is extremely effective when done virtually.

Head over to my About Me page for a full breakdown of how I became an energy therapist and intuitive life guidance coach in Teignmouth, Devon, and online.

Get in Touch

Feel free to contact me using the form below if you have any questions about energy healing, intuitive life guidance or to arrange an appointment.

You can also call me on 07720782532 if you would prefer to leave a message or speak to me first.

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